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Local Expert Support

Rock Island is proud to announce a full suite of products and services designed to support businesses in our community. Our team of experts is here to help you with all your IT needs.

Digital Phones (VoIP)

Our business-class voice-over internet protocol (VoIP) phone system gives you professional audio quality, stable call consistency, and the power to update and manage your phone system from anywhere in the world.

Enterprise Wi-Fi

Sometimes the Wi-Fi on your modem doesn’t provide enough wireless coverage for your business needs. Rock Island will install and manage a commercial-grade Wi-Fi system to ensure that you get wireless connectivity everywhere you need it. 

Security Systems

We offer affordable security packages that are best of breed. We can design, install and help you monitor your security system to make sure it remains up and accessible at all times.

Managed IT

Ever dreamed of having your own IT department but didn’t have the time or money to set one up? Rock Island provides a full-service IT department on an hourly basis to satisfy your specific needs. From simple help with stubborn printers to connecting internal networks, we can perform custom work for a set of hours a month that you decide.


Sometimes the best computer to use for your business is entirely off-site. Our virtual machines are fast, configurable, and, best of all, backed up online, so you’ll never have to worry about your office machine going down or stolen with all your data. Protect your data in our high-security servers.

Company Email & Microsoft Apps

Rock Island re-sells Microsoft Outlook email accounts for a great price. We can help you move to a professional-grade email host and get access to an entire suite of Microsoft Office products for you and your staff as needed. Keep all of your existing company addresses; just get more out of them.

Control 4 Authorized Dealer

We have certified installers and Control4 programmers on staff and can help you with your Control4 automation needs, from simple to complex. We are the only San Juan County Control4 partner and we are very excited to help automate your island experience.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery and business continuity are more than just buzz-words these days. They are things that can be evoked if you have a data emergency. We provide off-site backups to protect your data and can restore it quickly according to our continuity plan design.

Cyber Security

Protecting your network is a necessity, especially when running a business. Let Rock Island help protect you from today’s internet threats. We use industry-leading software to monitor your network and devices so you don’t have to become a victim of today’s cybercrimes.

Fiber Pricing


We want to work for you

Our expert Business Solutions team has been upgrading and managing systems all over the county and are available to customize your system needs as well. Drop us a line to see if our suite of products and services will work for your business needs.

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