Today’s network and access demands are changing dramatically in the face of a series of inescapable global trends, including the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) mobility explosion, the emergence of “mobile-first” access preference for every device, and the efficiencies of cloud services. These initiatives combined with the decentralization of the corporate office to include remote offices, branch offices, and teleworkers performing critical functions are forcing companies to reevaluate their existing IT strategies.

Wireless Network Solutions

Deployment and management of an effective and reliable wireless network can be overwhelming. ROCK ISLAND can provide a superior solution as a service with no U-turns, bottlenecks, or single points of failure, significantly increasing performance and reliability.

We do this by utilizing proven, advanced technology and processing power to create a managed access network with intelligence at the edge, the ability to dynamically route around problems, and no single point of failure.


  • Reduced In-House IT staff Demands
  • Centralized wireless network Management and Reporting Solutions
  • Lower and More Predictable Costs / Fixed Monthly Rate

Our managed solution distributes all control functions, policy enforcement, and data forwarding to edge devices while maintaining a centralized management system for monitoring and configuration, like how routing and firewall systems function.

To further increase the power and flexibility, and simplify the deployment and operation, we utilize cloud-enabled networking. This leverages a cloud services platform to remove the cost and complexity of deployment and management of the network while delivering enterprise-class performance and security.

ROCK ISLAND’s Managed Wireless Services provide a comprehensive managed services solution based on unique distributed intelligence architecture that can be deployed as a complete network solution, including network management, enterprise-class Wi-Fi access points, state of the art gigabit switches, and easy to deploy routers.


  • Unified Policy, Configuration, and Reporting
  • Proactive, Encrypted Monitoring of Customer Performance Metrics and Automated Notifications
  • Industry Leading Policy Deployment and Management
  • Customized Filtering of IP Addresses and Ports
  • Ubiquitous Wi-Fi Coverage with 8-10 Times Bandwidth Improvements vs. 802.11n
  • Consistent, User-Based Security Enforcement Regardless of Device
  • 24/7/365 Management and Monitoring
  • BareMetal™ Restoration of Entire Failed Servers
  • Disk-to-Disk Data Protection
  • Point-In-Time Backup
  • Support for Virtual Platforms
  • Offsite Vaulting, with Deduplication and Compression

Want To Know More?

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