Business fiber pricing where fiber is the perfect business solution.

Dedicated, Reliable, Secure


Rock Island provides scalable, secure, and reliable business class internet connectivity enabling our customer to react to increasing bandwidth demands while reducing operational and capital expenses.


Our fiber network coverage is the best in our community and server 70% of our local businesses without any data cap.

Service Delivery

We can guarantee delivery of service within 14 business days depending on your area and availability.


Our flexible pricing options and terms are built to suit your needs to allow your business to stay competitive in the market.


Our knowledgeable local support team ensure that our customer get the support they need and deserve. We provide 24/7/365 Customer Support and Monitoring through our local Network Operations Center.

Small Business Internet

Keeping your Business Connected

Small Business Internet is just tailored to what your company needs to support business-critical applications. Rock Island delivers reliable high-speed Internet to businesses seamlessly, securely, and at a lower cost.



The fiber network we install today will be able to handle the increased demand for more bandwidth in the future. As that demand grows, only the network equipment would need to be upgraded over time, not the actual fiber cables.


Fiber optic cables send data up to 1,000 times faster than copper cables, meaning it is easier to connect with others, upload data, load websites, and stream.


We build a dedicated fiber line directly to your home or business, meaning you will get more consistent speeds. Plus, since fiber cables do not radiate a signal, it is extremely difficult to extract data from it—making it more secure speeds vs. download. With fiber, you get the same fast speed, upload, and download.


Fiber can better withstand different temperatures, water, and weather than other technologies. And since we build fiber lines directly to your home, you do not have to worry about spotty signals from a satellite or tower.


Since fiber is made of glass, it transmits light instead of electricity. Other technologies that deliver and are shared lines (vs. dedicated like our fiber lines), meaning your experience will suffer based on the number of people.


Fiber brings opportunity. Not just the opportunity for buffer-free streaming, but an opportunity for businesses to expand and for our communities to attract new businesses. Our areas can also attract new residents, who may telecommute, and can only live here because of the power of fiber.