Backup & Disaster Recovery


Backup & Disaster Recovery keeps your business protected and helps with business continuity planning.

Over half of all businesses fail to back up their data. Due to this oversite, small and medium-sized businesses are especially vulnerable to downtime and data loss. Rock Island provides enterprise-grade business continuity solutions. In addition, our data backup and disaster recovery services are built especially for storing mission-critical data. This information is encrypted and stored off-site, which ensures you comply with file protection and archiving requirements.

Keep in mind that it is not just major events like earthquakes and tornadoes that can lead to data loss or an interruption in operations. Much smaller, more ordinary day-to-day occurrences can also cause severe damage. For example, an employee may accidentally delete crucial information. Maybe a technical malfunction like a power surge or faulty sprinkler might destroy the physical hardware that stores your information. 71% of organizations have at least one compromised account each month! And as you are aware, you just never know what can happen. So, it is always best to be prepared for anything!

Effective Data Backup & Recovery Solutions

Cybercriminals are not the only risk to your confidential data. Rock Island data backup and disaster recovery solutions protect your confidential information during natural disasters like a fire or power failure and easily recover data if it is mistakenly deleted or intentionally stolen. We will ease your fears of data loss by creating routine backups of your information and keeping your business prepared.

When catastrophe strikes, Rock Island’s business continuity planning ensures that your critical information is protected and preserved, and that you can get back up and running in just a matter of hours.

Your entire organization will benefit from using our planning services. For instance, you will complete have access to:

  • 24/7/365 monitoring and backups.
  • Swift restoration following compromise or loss.
  • Advanced backups to our protected off-site data center.
  • Enhanced encryption of your information to prevent future breaches.

In short, your business needs effective solutions to defend your valuable information. Subsequently, you also need to ensure you can safely and quickly recover from any kind of disaster. Rock Island can configure a customized solution, implement it, and most importantly, provide ongoing maintenance.

Benefits of Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Business continuity planning (BCP) is the process a company undergoes to create a prevention and recovery system from potential threats such as natural disasters or online attacks. BCP is designed to protect personnel and assets and makes sure the organization can get up and running quickly after disaster strikes.

Eliminate Risk

By backing up your critical information, you can easily recover it to prevent permanent damage.

Meet Compliance

Protect customers’ confidential information to meet compliance and avoid receiving expensive fines.

Decrease Downtime

Stolen or corrupted information can pause your productivity – we recover your files to minimize downtime.


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Backup & Disaster Recovery Services

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