Lighting Control

Control lighting with your voice or a tap on a screen


Smart home technology offers comfort, convenience, and peace of mind.

With lighting specifically tailored to your needs, you can change the mood of any room to fit the occasion. Whether you are dining, entertaining, or enjoying TV, press a single button to create the perfect atmosphere. For instance, by pressing “good night,” you turn off all the lights in your space. With “the pathway,” you can light your way to descend the stairs. Smart-lighting control also encourages a safe environment by linking to your security system to turn on all the lights if the system detects a problem. With a lighting control system, you’ll save energy. Whether your needs are for existing or new construction, we can create the ideal lighting solution for you.

Homeowner Personalization:

Control4 enables homeowners to adjust and experiment with the automation in their home after they’ve lived with it for a while, fine-tuning the system until it’s just right. No other automation company offers this top-requested feature

Voice Control for the Home:

“Alexa, turn on the kitchen lights.” With Control4 and Amazon Alexa, you can tell your house what to do— whether it’s turning off all lights when it’s bedtime, setting the perfect mood for dinner, or adjusting the temperature just right.

Always Connected to the Home:

View cameras, open or close the garage, unlock the front door, even turn the lights on or off from your mobile device, tablet, or smartwatch.

Music Throughout the Home:

Over 85% of Control4 homeowners insist on having music integrated as part of their smart home experience.
Control4’s award-winning Triad line delivers high-resolution audio in every room of the house.

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