The Performance Exceeds My Expectations

My Fiber Optic connection was lit up today at 216 Marina LN, Cape S.J., Phase II and the performance exceeds my expectations. It has been a long time coming beginning with the middle mile last year and I have to say worth the wait. I appreciate your efforts and that...

Gino Fiber is in and running at 43 Brown Island… The ROCK ISLAND INSTALL CREW DID A FINE JOB. Internet speed is great & phone quality is much improved. Best regards on a job well done. J. M. Brown Island

You’re doing great! Great staff!

You’re doing great! Great staff! Keeping it local! The quality of your modem is superior to what we had w/ century link.thanks

It’s a phenomenal program!

I have better internet on Lopez than I do at home in Capitol Hill. Additionally with the router being wireless is can end anywhere in the house. It’s a phenomenal program!


YES 1) My AT&T Microcell now works consistently, so I can use my cell phone at home, eliminating long distance charges, and greatly reducing international calling charges. 2) I can stream movies without frustrating delays. VERY SATISFIED WITH YOUR LTE...