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Replace your current phone provider with this reliable digital phone!

The future of digital phones.

Introducing the Telo by Ooma. This elegant device will allow you to cut the cost of your phone bill and increase your phone features in less than five minutes. Simply connect your Ooma Telo to your Rock Island internet and regular home phone, and you will receive crystal-clear North American calling for one low price.

The Ooma Telo for Home

Ooma for Business


All phone plans include superior voice quality and reliability with PureVoiceTM HD technology, voicemail, caller-ID, call-waiting and 911. Advanced features include the ability to block telemarketers and other unwanted callers, free calling to Canada, an instant second line, voicemail-to-email forwarding (audio file) and much more. The Ooma Telo also integrates with Amazon Echo, Nest devices, and numerous other smart products to give you convenience and peace of mind never before possible in a home phone.

Features included with your Ooma digital voice plan:

  • Unlimited North American calling (the USA and Canada)
  • Caller-ID, call-waiting, and 911
  • Three-way conferencing
  • Anonymous call blocking
  • Call forwarding
  • Multi-ring
  • Do not disturb
  • Blacklisting
  • Advanced voicemail features like voicemail monitoring, private voicemail, send to voicemail
  • Add a second number for free!
  • One-touch voicemail audio playback
  • Remote voicemail retrieval
  • Online voicemail playback
  • Fax mode
  • PureVoice HD technology for clarity and reliability
  • Text alerts when 911 is called
  • Online portal with call log, preferences and contacts
  • Free mobile minutes
  • Choose any available area code
  • Encrypted calls
  • Call return
  • Connected home integrations
  • Everyday low rates on international calling
  • Unlimited calling to over 60 countries with the Ooma World Plan
  • Free Ooma-to-Ooma calling worldwide
  • Free Ooma Mobile HD App inbound and outbound calling
  • Google Voice extensions

For only $12.50/month plus tax, you can access all of these great features, plus get the Ooma Telo hardware for $20.00 plus tax (a $79.99 value). Set is easy and the system works seamlessly with your existing analog phones. You can even keep your existing phone number and port it over to Ooma. If you do, please bring the most recent bill from your current provider when you come to get signed up for Ooma.


Learn more about this Rock Island digital phone solution by stopping by one of our retail locations, or calling us at (360) 378-5884.

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