Our LTE Modem

Our LTE Wireless modem makes it all happen. Plug one of these devices into a standard power outlet and wait four minutes. Once the modem boots up, Internet signal is live and can be accessed via one of the 3 ethernet ports or onboard wireless. There are also 2 analog phone jacks that can be used to convert a plain old telephone into a VoiP connection (additional hookup and rates apply).

Here is what our LTE Modem looks like:

If you qualify for service there are two ways to get your LTE Wireless modem. You can either pick a modem up at one of our two locations or we can send a tech out to your home for a free evaluation and install.

Due to the nature of wireless-based Internet services, coverage can vary from home to home. Topography between our LTE site and your address is the biggest factor in determining if we can provide you with service.